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Long time not getting Spanish Vintage blog updated, not for any special reason, but just because I am overloaded with work, working in new different projects which hopefully soon will see the light.

But this time, when my sister in law showed me what she has been doing lately, I could not help it but to write about it here.

She makes these lovely hangbags, useful for so many things, in summer and for babies, different colours, shapes, all sizes, and more than all, stylish and made with so much love and they make you fall in love with them too.

When she explained me how she makes them by hand, in a couple of days each, personalise them with trims, thinking in each of them as if they are one and unique, I thought, “we need to show this off to the world”; And here they are, some examples of these beautiful handmade treasures, suitable and affordable for any woman (€18 big sizes and €8 small ones).














By “Complementos Nessa” also in Facebook:

For more information (sizes, quality, colours, trims…etc) and to purchase these bags, you can also contact me both ways:
By email:
Or through Spanish Vintage online store:

Vintage Painted Furniture

I am sure that any “Vintage Lover” would be delighted to discover in a flea market some of these old painted furniture pieces… And although prices of these recovered treasures can get up to extremely high figures, these are unique inspirations for home decoration and give you some ideas of what you can achieve with meticulous work if you are lucky enough to come across with any of these antique delights, no matter how old and waisted they seem….

cottage 1

cottage 2

cottage 3

cottage 4

cottage 5

cottage 6

cottage 7

cottage 8

cottage 9

cottage 10

Louis Vuitton inspiration…..

Although I am not a big fan of “Louis Vuitton” beyond their Accesories Lines (specially their travel sets), I must admit that I love some of their last seasons Vintage Inspired pieces like the below catwalk dress. It inspired me so much that I developed from it a couple of styles made with real Vintage fabrics bought in Spain….

luis vuitton






Dresses €39 at

Dagna´s Touch….

Here some more pictures of Dagna Dabrowiecka that she took this summer in our Little countryside house…. Beautiful and romantic touch to the Vintage Wardrove….












Vintage Dresses from €22
Handmade Viscose Dresses from €35
All at

Eye for “Vintage” in my summer garden….

What a beautiful surprise to receive these beautiful pictures from Dagna Dabrowiecka, she quietly took them at the back of my garden this summer during a brief and pleasant visit…. Thanks Dagna!






Product Details:
Handmade Viscose Shirt €59 & Dress €79 at

The Vintage Linguerie is back!


The vintage style from the 50’s and 60’s is back. Women as Marilyn Monroe and the pin-up Bettie Page are still today icons for many girls trying to get their looks. Strong and talented, these women had this particular look that could fit every girls. I just can’t imagine pin-up dresses looking bad on someone. It is a sweet combination of fun colors with sexy shapes that make your curves even more interesting! Looking feminine and sexy without being too girly, it is actually the key of good style, isn’it?. From the singer and dancer Dita Von Teese that kills every day in her looks to the Californian Katy Perry, celebrities have followed as well the vintage trend too.

Tights and socks are perfect accessories to get the vintage look. They were originally made from cotton, silk or even wool but also from the synthetic rayon, which was quiet, a new material in the 20’s. Get pop colors that match your look and give a sweet touch to your outfit. High socks were a trick done by women who were not used to wear garters or a greater belt to hold their tights. Instead they used to roll theirs socks down above the knee. Elegant, thin and sexy or colorful, matt and thick, tights and socks are must-have to add to your closet.

Get the trick to make yourself a nice headscarf. Buy awesome printed fabrics to accessorize your outfit or during those bad days hair! It is quiet easy to make and won’t take you that much time to realize. This is actually a very easy drafting project to realize.

To conclude, it doesn’t always take much time to achieve the look. Even if you barely have time to brush your hair, dress your best or put on a particular make up that complement your overall look. However, all you need is a bit of eyeliner, a nice red lipstick and a pretty dress. Add one the above accessories and you are done!




Special thanks to Amandine Dowle.
Amandine Dowle is a French fashion and lifestyle photographer. She has lived in New York, Ottawa, Greece and now resides in Milan. In addition to photography, Amandine also writes articles for travel and fashion publishers.